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Friday, March 27, 2009

Friday’s Download

1. I haven't felt the greatest this week.

2. I am making a big announcement on Sunday. Don't you miss it!

3. The video that we are showing during my sermon is hilarious. You will fall out of your seat laughing.

4. Invite somebody who doesn't go to church to PC on Sunday.

5. The Ultimate Fighter is going to be a great series. I'm pumped up about it.

6. We are moving into our new office space next week. Our staff is excited.

7. To my staff, thank you for all you do. You guys and gals are super.

8. It's snowing in parts of Oklahoma. They say the snow and possible freezing rain will arrive in Oklahoma City late this afternoon. BUMMER.

9. My Oklahoma Sooners play tonight. I can't wait to watch the game.

10. The Missouri Tigers are no joke. They beat up on Memphis last night. In one of my brackets, I picked Memphis to win it all. That was a bad pick!

11. Right now, my wife is putting lotion on baby Case. Tiffany is such a great wife and mother. I am a blessed man!

12. Let's pack out the 8:45AM experience on Sunday!

13. I love you church family, and I am praying for you.

14. Be safe out there this weekend, and see you on Sunday!