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Monday, March 23, 2009

Spring Break & Weekend Highlights

1. My family went to Grand Island, Nebraska, on Tuesday. My wife's parents, brother, sister & her husband and 3 kids all live there.

2. The boys got to ride the 4 wheeler with grandpa. That's their favorite thing to do.

3. The boys and Caris got to see a baby calf and pet it. They thought this was pretty cool.

4. We took the kids to Valentino Land. This place serves Italian food and has games for the kids. The kids love to go to this place.

5. This was a working break for me. I rested some but still worked because there is so much to get done during this season. I'm pumped about moving into our new facility.

6. I will take a real vacation later this spring.

7. We drove home on Saturday. The kids did pretty well on the drive home. I was wiped out after the drive. On Sunday, I felt like I had preached four times.

8. On Sunday, I washed the vehicle and picked up some lunch for the family. We hung around the house all day. This was nice!

9. Chris Smith, our Student Ministries Director, preached on Sunday. Chris does a great job preaching. He preached a message titled Imagine If We Brought Somebody. I can't wait to listen to it online.

10. This coming up Sunday, I am making a HUGE, HUGE announcement to our church. Don't you dare miss Sunday, or you will be missing out on some important and exciting news.

11. I will be continuing our Imagine series this coming up Sunday. I'm looking forward to teaching God's Word!

12. On Easter Sunday, we are kicking off a new series called Ultimate Fighter. Get every man you know to PC on Easter and throughout this series. God is going to do a great work in the hearts of men through this series.

13. My Oklahoma Sooners made it to the Sweet Sixteen! I hope they win the National Championship!

14. The Big Twelve has three teams in the Sweet Sixteen. Go Big Twelve!

15. My Oklahoma City Thunder won on Sunday! Go Thunder! We are going to have a winning record next year.

16. I'm glad the three-week stretch is over on Sundays. Daylight Savings and then two Sundays of spring break. It's over, and now it's time to roll!

17. Invite, or better yet, bring somebody who doesn't attend church to PC during this Easter season! Most people will go to church with you if you get the boldness to ask them. Easter is a season that many people are open to going to church.

18. Our guarantee at PC is we will preach Jesus and give your family and friends a chance to respond to the love of God!

19. I'm pumped about this EASTER SEASON! It's going to be OFF THE HOOK GOOD!