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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Spiritual Leadership 101 pt. 2

Lead Others Well

1. You have to love people. God is love, and God's leaders should love people. There's no room for mean and hateful spiritual leaders.

2. You have to get along with people. Spiritual leaders can lead nice, mean and difficult people.

3. You have to serve people. Leaders are servants. A spiritual leader’s job is to make everyone they lead successful by serving them.

4. You have to care for people. Spiritual leaders care about the people they lead. They care about their lives, needs, families, fears, hopes and dreams.

5. You have to invest in people. Just like Jesus did, spiritual leaders find their twelve and pour their lives into them.

6. You have to set the example. Spiritual leaders should be able to say to those they lead, "Follow me as I follow Christ."