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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Come To My Church On Easter

Easter is right around the corner. I want to share some last minute ideas on how to attract guests to your church. I'm believing God for your church to be full of people on Easter, and I'm believing for many people to come to Christ - IN JESUS’ NAME!

1. Preach a series that speaks to people where they are living.

2. If you preach on a relevant topic, it will automatically encourage your church to invite their friends and family.

3. Encourage your church to invite their friends and family.

4. Order or make pocketsize Easter invitation cards for your church TODAY. Give them to your church on Sunday and tell them to hand out the invite cards to their friends and family. You can order 5,000 full color invite cards for around $200 from rusherflyer.com.

5. Quickly get a mail out printed and mail 10K to 100K mail outs on Monday to your community advertising your Easter services and your new series.

6. If you can't afford the postage for a mail out, get some door hangers printed up and hand them out to your church on Sunday. Tell your church to hang them up in the surrounding neighborhoods where they live. Also, get some volunteers to help you put up door hangers in the neighborhoods surrounding your church.

7. Get an internet email-invite design for your website. Tell your church to go to your website and email the E-invite card to their friends and family. This is cheap and can be very effective. You can check out our E-invite at www.peopleschurch.tv (bottom left hand corner).

8. Taking out a newspaper ad in a smaller community could be very effective.

9. Consider doing a radio spot on a popular radio station in your city. Once again, in a smaller community this could be more effective than in a huge metro area.

10. This week, put up a huge banner in your church’s lawn advertising your Easter services.