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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

6 Ways To Mess Up A Church pt. 2

4. Don't deal with problems. There are problems that arise in every church. When some pastors see a problem, they pretend like it's not there, and the problem just grows and grows until it is lethal. Some pastors pray and hope the problem will go away. Sometimes the problem can be taken care of through prayer, but many times the problem will not be rectified until the pastor combines prayer along with confronting the problem in love.

5. Put the wrong people around you. The team you put around you will play a major role in determining if the church will be a mess or a miracle. This principle applies whether you are hiring a staff member or placing a volunteer in a leadership role. If you put the wrong people around you, you will create a mess for yourself and for the church. There are times we put the wrong person around us, but the question is will we lovingly remove them so that the church can flourish for the glory of God.

6. Don't live a life of integrity. If you want to cause a mess in a local church, cheat on your spouse, steal from the church, lie to people, watch pornography and have no accountability in your life or in the church. A lack of integrity is always a recipe for messing up a church.