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Friday, October 31, 2008

Friday's Download

1. The weather was gorgeous this week!

2. Our new 44,000 square foot addition is almost all the way enclosed.

3. The construction crews are working really hard. Great job Josh on pushing the crews. You're awesome!

4. This Sunday, we are kicking off The Miraculous. God is going to do what only he can do, The IMPOSSIBLE!

5. Invite a friend, co-worker, student, neighbor or family member to join you this Sunday! God is going to do some cool stuff.

6. I'm really excited to watch Texas Tech beat Texas on Saturday.

7. My dad, mom, brother and sister live in Nebraska, so I want my Oklahoma Sooners to kill Nebraska. If they don't, my father-in-law will talk trash starting Saturday and all through the holidays. Go Sooners!

8. My fantasy teams didn't go 5-1 as I predicted on Monday's blog. Someone had Dallas Clark - the dude hadn't caught a touchdown pass all year long but caught two on Monday night football, and I lost. So I went 4-2. I only have one undefeated team.

9. I had coffee with Justin Graves, our former Student Ministries Director. He started a church in Tulsa, OK and we caught up and talked church planting stuff. I really enjoy talking to church planters.

10. I'm looking forward to a laid back day at the Cooper house.

11. Don't miss Sunday, and INVITE somebody to join you!