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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Lynn Wheeler

I had Lynn Wheeler speak at People's Church last Sunday. He did a great job. If you are a pastor and need a good speaker to fill in for you, check out Lynn's ministry. He is a full-time traveling speaker. Here are the top ten reasons why I recommend Lynn's ministry www.lynnwheelerministries.com.

1. He is a very good friend of mine.

2. I have known Lynn for years, and he is a great man of God.

3. I sit on Lynn's board, and he runs his ministry with great integrity.

4. Lynn has a heart to serve the church and pastor he is working with.

5. Lynn is flexible. He will work extra hard to fit into your church culture and expectations. If you preach in series, he will tailor a message to fit into your current series.

6. He is a funny speaker.

7. He applies the message to people's everyday lives.

8. He is fun to hang out with behind the scenes. There is nothing like having a guest speaker who is a dead head.

9. You need to have another voice speaking to your church. It really does help, and it's biblical.

10. You need a break. You can't keep speaking 48 to 52 times a year and stay fresh. Take a break and bring in a speaker who can keep the momentum rolling.