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Friday, October 17, 2008

Friday's Download

1. Check out the picture of our new 44,000 square foot facility! It's coming up quickly!

2. Thanks PC for your faithfulness to give generously above your tithe to the CRAZY Campaign. You all are awesome!

3. My wife's parents came to our home for a couple of nights. Cale's school had grandparents come in, and they came down from Nebraska to be with Cale for this special event.

4. Tiffany's parents are pastors and sold out Christ-followers. They are wonderful role models. I love her parents like my own.

5. I took my kids to Chuck-E-Cheese this week. They love that place.

6. I have such a great team around me. They are so excited and committed to the vision of PC. I love my team.

7. Our Executive Team made a critical decision this week about the structure of PC that will propel us into the preferred future that God has for us. We are so excited to reach thousands of people with the good news of Christ.

8. I am so full of vision for PC. I love what God is doing in me.

9. PC, invite someone who doesn't go to church to attend PC with you on Sunday. People are searching for answers and hope because of everything going on in our nation. I am praying that those you invite will have a life-changing encounter with Christ.

10. Jesus changes lives! See you on Sunday!