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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Hindrances To Growth

It should be every pastors’ and Christ-followers’ desire to see their church grow. If we really believe that there is an eternity and people will spend forever either in heaven or hell, we should have a burning desire to see our churches grow. We need to see our churches full of people who don't know Christ. I want to share some hindrances that I've had to overcome to see our church grow.

I Had To Allow God To Put A Burning Desire In My Heart For The Lost. I started People's Church with the intention of reaching people who are far from God. In the early days, there were several things that began to taint that desire to reach the un-churched. Some of those things were religious people, church people with good intentions, the financial struggles of a brand new church, a lack of confidence and even my own insecurities. There wasn't one defining moment where I overcame all of these hindrances. The way that God worked in me was through a series of decisions to follow the burning desire that was in my heart rather than the pull that was on my flesh. I'm sure glad I followed the Holy Spirit!