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Monday, October 6, 2008

Weekend Highlights

1. I had a great weekend hanging out with my family and relaxing around the house.

2. On Friday, my off day, I even took a nap on the couch. I never sleep in the day time so this was awesome!

3. I felt like the message went really well on Sunday. I really believe this entire series is going to help so many people!

4. If you missed Sunday, I want to really encourage you to listen to the message online at www.peopleschurch.tv. I taught about how to have the blessing of God upon your life during troubling and difficult seasons. In my opinion, this is a difficult season for America. This message is a must hear sermon.

5. I never want to take for granted that people give their hearts to Christ every single Sunday. It's truly a God thing. I'm blown away!

6. Our people were stoked up to see the steel going up on our new facility!

7. On Sunday night, we announced to the IGNITE crowd that our next IGNITE college and 20 somethings experience will be November 2. There will be no IGNITE experience for the next three weeks, but there will be Community Groups and IGNITE fellowship gatherings for college and 20 somethings. GET CONNECTED!

8. We are making a big push to get as many people connected in a Community Group as possible over the next four weeks. Church family, go check out a group. It really will make a huge difference in your life. I love attending my Community Group every week. I am a better man of God, husband and father because of my Community Group.

9. I left the church building on Sunday thinking I'm so excited about the future of PC! We have some awesome days ahead of us.

10. We were over 20 percent bigger this Sunday than the same Sunday last year. Last year, we had good attendance, but God continues to bless us with CRAZY growth. Thank you God for changing lives!

11. This coming us Sunday the title is Lord, OPEN DOORS! Don't miss it for any thing!