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Friday, October 24, 2008

Friday's Download

1. My wife and I went on a date last night. We went to an Italian restaurant and then to a bookstore and drank coffee and tea and talked.

2. Tiffany and I are both excited for the holiday season.

3. My fantasy teams’ records are 7-0, 7-0, 6-1, 5-2, 5-2, 2-4-1. I am still in the playoff hunt in the league that I have a losing record in.

4. My Oklahoma Sooners play Kansas State on Saturday, and they should win by three touchdowns.

5. I'm really excited to watch Oklahoma State play Texas. I'm pulling for O-State all the way.

6. The Big 12 is stacked this year.

7. Our new 44,000 square foot addition is flying up. I am so pumped to move into this new facility.

8. It's all about LIFE CHANGE!

9. This Sunday, I'm concluding our series Just Ask with a message titled Lord, Protect Me.

10. We are beginning a new series on November 2nd titled The Miraculous. God is going to do some awesome miracles in the lives of people.

11. We are going to spend time praying and fasting as a church for The Miraculous series. I know God is going to do some great things through this series.

12. PC be sure to pray “Lord, bless me indeed, enlarge my territory and let your hand be with me!” Wow, what a prayer!

13. Today is my off day, and I'm going to spend some quality time with my family.