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Monday, October 27, 2008

Weekend Highlights

1. I was tired yesterday.

2. While I was preaching in the fourth experience, I had to really work hard to stay focused.

3. People gave their hearts to Christ and that never gets old!

4. My wife made beans and Jiffy cornbread for dinner on Saturday. I ate leftovers for lunch on Sunday!

5. My Oklahoma Sooners won on Saturday, but our defense doesn't look good.

6. The Oklahoma State Cowboys looked really good against Texas. They are the real deal.

7. Texas is for sure the real deal.

8. The Dallas Cowboys look horrible, but at least they won. The defense did look better.

9. One of my two undefeated fantasy football teams lost. Looks like my teams are going to go 5-1 for the week.

10. My kids went to an animal costume party on Saturday. They all looked adorable.