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Monday, October 13, 2008

Weekend Highlights & Low Points

1. My OU Sooners lost. I was bummed out.

2. The Dallas Cowboys lost. The lows were not too low. It's just sports!

3. Church was great! I love what God is doing in our church.

4. People gave their hearts to Christ on Sunday.

5. People are hungry for truth.

6. Our kids’ area is jam-packed full of kids.

7. My wife made fried pork chops on Saturday. We don't eat much fried food, so this was a real treat. They were super good!

8. We took the kids to get ice cream on Sunday evening.

9. I asked PC this question on Sunday. What would you do if God blessed you every month with an extra $1000 of income?

10. You need to JUST ASK God to bless you indeed and to enlarge your territory!

11. The song Glorify Your Name was kickin' yesterday!

12. The Oklahoma State Cowboys won a big game. Congrats to OSU!

13. This coming up Sunday's message title is Lord, Be With Me!