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Monday, November 3, 2008

Weekend Highlights

1. It was a fun day preaching at church. I did some teaching and preaching today. It was fun!

2. We had great attendance, but the fourth experience was down. My theory is everybody got an extra hour of sleep and decided to come to church at the three earlier experiences.

3. Texas Tech beat the Texas Longhorns. YEAAAA!

4. My Oklahoma Sooners won! We dropped in the rankings, but that's no big deal. The big thing is that we have to win some big, big games against Texas Tech and Oklahoma State. It's an exciting college football season.

5. Lots and lots of people gave their lives to Christ yesterday. It thrills my heart watching people say yes to God!

6. My fantasy teams didn't do well yesterday. This was my worse week so far.

7. Once again, great weather. I love watching the leaves turn colors.

8. God is doing some awesome things at PC!

9. We had a good solid Newcomer’s/Membership luncheon on Sunday after the 4th experience.

10. Great job Worship Team. I appreciate your passion to lead us into God's presence every week.

11. Volunteers, you are PHENOMENAL! Thanks for serving with such fervency. You are making a huge impact!

12. Today is a study day for me. I'm hoping to get Sunday's message 40 to 50 percent done.

13. Have a super Monday!