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Monday, November 24, 2008

Weekend Highlights

1. My Oklahoma Sooners stomped Texas Tech. I mean destroyed them!

2. Oklahoma Sooners closed the gap on the Texas Longhorns in the BCS.

3. With a strong win against Oklahoma State on Saturday, my Sooners should pass Texas, and that means we will play in the Big 12 championship. It also means we are in the National Championship hunt!

4. We had a heart-stirring day at People's Church. My friend Lynn Wheeler preached about how God can provide a miracle in the middle of a storm.

5. Lynn shared his testimony about the pain of his divorce, and how God brought him through. There were tears in every experience. Both men and women were crying because God was touching their heart through Lynn's testimony.

6. In the fourth experience, we had some kind of power surge in the building. The power went completely off and then came right back. It was weird. I was on the stage, and we were worshipping and bam the power went off and came right back on, and then, it did it again. That's right, two times in a row. WEIRD!

7. PC family, just a reminder to bring socks, undershirts and belts for our SeeWorth Academy Christmas drive. Thank you for your heart to make a difference during this holiday season.

8. It's amazing how I can still feel exhausted on Sunday even though I didn't preach.

9. I do feel much better on Monday mornings if I don't preach. I feel like I could run a marathon this morning.

10. Make it a super great Monday!