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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Life Lessons From Fantasy Football

If you have never played fantasy football, you may not appreciate my thoughts as much as other fantasy football geeks will. Although, I trust my thoughts will speak to your heart in some way.

You have to prepare for the big day before the big day arrives.

The big day in fantasy football is draft day. This is when you draft your football team. I always crack up at many first year fantasy football players because most of them never prepare for the draft. Most of them just show up to the draft with a magazine and have no clue of the league scoring or rules. The league scoring determines who you should draft and when you should draft them. They just start drafting a team with no prior preparation, and 90 percent of the time, that leads to a horrible team and, therefore, a horrible season.

In life, if you are going to capitalize on the BIG DAY, BIG PROMOTION, BIG PROJECT, BIG OPPORTUNITY that comes your way, you better be prepared for the big day before the big day arrives. Don't ever underestimate the power of preparation!