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Friday, November 7, 2008

Friday's Download

1. I took my wife on a date last night. We ate at a place where I love the salad.

2. Tiffany went to school with Cale this morning. She is helping out in Cale's classroom. She is so excited to see Cale and the other kids in his class.

3. I am taking care of my other three kids why Tiff is gone. We are having some daddy bonding time moments.

4. I got Sunday's sermon done by 9:30AM on Thursday. I usually never have it done that early in the day.

5. We had a great turn out at the 6AM and 12PM prayer meetings on Thursday. If you can, be at the church for the 12PM prayer meeting today! We are praying for God to do the miraculous in the lives of many people.

6. Remember that on Sunday I will be preaching very early in the experience. We will have more worship after I preach, and we will be praying for God to do miracles in your life. Come EXPECTING a miracle!

7. Bring someone with you on Sunday who needs a miracle. I'm believing God to do some BIG things! It's going to be a super, electrifying Sunday!

8. The Texas Tech and Oklahoma State game ought to be a good one. I usually pull for OSU if they aren't playing my Sooners, but this time I have to pull for Tech because if they win it gives the Sooners a chance to win the Big 12.

9. My fantasy teams didn't do as bad as I thought they were going to do. I had a huge Monday night from my defense. I ended the week 4-2 in my six leagues. I'm still undefeated in one league and am headed to the playoffs in all the leagues so far. In all my years of playing fantasy football, it's the first time I've ever started 9-0.

10. I'm so excited for the holidays.

11. Be praying and fasting for a GREAT SUNDAY! ARE YOU READY FOR A MIRACLE?