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Friday, November 21, 2008

Friday's Download

1. Watching our new 44,000 square foot facility come up is so exciting for me. Our biggest hindrance will be removed very shortly. We will be able to reach so many more people with the good news of Christ.

2. The vision and future of PC is brighter than ever!

3. I went with Craig Groeschel and Bobby Gruenewald from Life Church to a one day Catalyst event in Granger, Indiana. The event was held at Granger Church. This is a great church that I have learned a great deal from.

4. Craig and Andy Stanley from North Point Church did some incredible leadership teachings.

5. I learned that to bust through barriers you have to change your thinking.

6. I learned so much insight about momentum. The greatest momentum comes from doing something new.

7. Momentum does not come from tweaking something that has already lost momentum.

8. To sustain momentum you have to constantly improve and keep on improving.

9. I enjoyed getting to meet and eating a couple of meals with Andy Stanley. He is one of my ministry heroes.

10. My favorite part of the trip was hanging out with Craig and Bobby.

11. Bobby is one of the sharpest and most innovative thinkers on the planet. He is a great guy.

12. Craig is a great friend. Tiffany and I have become close friends with the Groeschels and we cherish our friendship.

13. It is awesome to have ministry friends in the same city.

14. I didn't get back home from the trip until after 11 PM last night. I'm a little tired today.

15. Today is my off day and I'm going to enjoy my family.

16. The Oklahoma Sooners better whoop Texas Tech on Saturday! This will keep our Big 12 and National Championship hopes alive!

17. See you on Sunday!