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Monday, February 2, 2009

Weekend Update

1. Wow, another great Sunday at PC! God is up to something!

2. We had a non-Easter Sunday record attendance in our 8:45AM experience. WAY TO GO, CHURCH! You all are serious about packing out the 8:45AM experience to create more auditorium and kids space for those seeking a relationship with Christ! Keep it up!

3. PC, I am so proud of what God is doing in your heart. You all are inviting your friends to church like CRAZY! We are seeing a ton of people give their lives to Christ every single week. GO, GOD, and way to invite your friends to church to experience life change through Christ! You all are on fire for God!

4. The weather was gorgeous this weekend! I love the sunshine and 60's & 70's in January and February!

5. Cale started feel better on Sunday. Friday and Saturday night were tough on him. He had a deep chest cough.

6. Tiffany and I did a lot of reflecting this weekend. We are both so thankful for the Lord's blessing upon our marriage, kids and church.

7. Brian and Jamie did a great job leading worship.

8. We went to some of our close friends’ home to watch the Super Bowl. We only stayed for the first half because we have small kids who need their beauty sleep.

9. The Super bowl was awesome! It was really a great game!

10. I was pulling for Arizona to win the game.

11. I asked this question to the church yesterday, “Are you acknowledging God in ALL your ways?”

12. Share your faith with somebody this week at work, school or some other place you frequent. Jesus changes lives!