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Friday, January 30, 2009

Friday's Download

1. I took my bride on a date last night. It's always good to get away without the kids.

2. Cale isn't feeling very well. Thanks for praying for him.

3. I really like what God is doing at PC right now.

4. Our Executive Team has been making some strategic decisions recently. These decisions will take us to the next level.

5. I dislike having loose ends. Right now, there are several things that I am ready to see fall into place. It will happen, but for me, it never happens quickly enough.

6. I can tell that I have grown over the years. I use to rush on certain decisions. Now I value taking my time and making sure we get it right.

7. I have lost all of the weight I picked up during the holidays.

8. It's weird, but I lost all of the weight during the all church fasting week and right after the fast gained most of it back. I'm glad to have the weight back off.

9. I've been working out consistently at the gym.

10. The main thing is I have been eating right. Sometimes, I can get into bad eating habits.

11. I haven't had diet soda in three weeks. I never used to drink soda until Brian, our Programming Director, told me that diet soda didn't have any calories. I know, I'm goofy for not already knowing that. But I had no clue that diet soda didn't have any calories until last year.

12. After I found out that diet soda didn't have any calories, I started drinking it. Then, I found out that it's still not very good for you. You can't win for losing. :)

13. Today is my family day. I'm excited to read books to the kids, wrestle on the floor with the kids, laugh with the kids and hang out with my sexy bride!

14. Church family, let's pack out the 8:45AM experience!

15. Have a GREAT weekend!