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Friday, January 23, 2009

Friday's Download

1. I've been fighting a cold all week. BLAAAA

2. It was a very productive week.

3. I have been doing a lot of coaching, planning and restructuring with my team.

4. Cade, my three-year-old, is a nut right now. He is so loud and is coming out of his shell. I love seeing his personality.

5. Caris, my two-year-old girl, has always been a nut. She is so rambunctious. She is miss personality plus.

6. Cale, my five-year-old, is loving school. He loves to learn, and I love watching and listening to him as he expands his horizons.

7. Case, my six-month-old, is the happiest little baby in the world. He is such a smiley baby.

8. I absolutely love being a dad and raising God-fearing kids.

9. Tiffany is doing well. She is volunteering a bunch on the kids’ Leadership Team. She loves providing leadership to our church family. She is so gifted. God couldn't have picked a better partner for me to share my life with.

10. Church family, I need you to attend the 8:45AM experience. God is doing CRAZY things at PC, and we need to free up seats for more people to have their lives changed by the power of Christ. Thank you so much for you passion to see more changed lives!

11. I'm living my dream. I love my life. I love serving God. I love being a pastor. I love my day off! I'm going to hang with my family today!