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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Tiffany Cooper's Raw & Candid Thoughts About Ministry pt. 2


If you read my previous post, you’ll know what PK to PW means. I was born in Grand Island, Nebraska. That's where my parents were on staff at a church until I was 10 years old. We then moved to Menomonie, WI, where my parents took a Senior Pastor position. After graduating from high school, I moved to Springfield, Missouri, for college, and that's where I met the man beyond my dreams...Herbert. Herbert was already an evangelist and continued to travel and speak full-time for many years. He still travels on occasion as he speaks at churches and conferences. I thought I would add a few more aspects of being a PK that have positively impacted my role as a PW!

3. Go it Alone...to church that is: The only times my family went to church together in the same car and sat together in the same service were when we were visiting family over the holidays. Dad had to be at church earlier than the rest of us, on occasions my siblings and I would go early to help dad with communion, etc.
As a PW, it's always more challenging to get out the door on Sundays, especially with four little kiddos. I was prepared as a PK to have the realistic expectation of not having daddy helping on Sunday mornings.

4. Happy Easter a Day Early: If you try to celebrate everything on the day others do, you may wind up frustrated and bitter. Many normal holiday events take place on ministry days. We grew up celebrating these special times when it was good for our family, and I have carried that over into my own family.

5. MPD (Multiple Personality Disorder): If I tried to be everything that everybody thought I should be, then I would wind up to be one messed up woman with MPD. As a PK, I felt that there were expectations of what I should be like, thankfully not from my parents. There were periods when I didn't navigate through these pressures very well. Over time, I realized I can only be who I am and not what fits others ideal. As a PW, I live authentic to who I am and who God has called me to be as a woman in ministry. It's very freeing!

6. Weekends Mean Work: While many families enjoy the leisure of the weekend, ministry families are spending much of that time preparing and ministering. So much more goes into preparing for the service than it does for those who come to attend the service. Pastors put out so much personal energy that they come home drained on many Saturdays/Sundays, but it's worth it!

7. People Act Differently Around You: Have you ever walked into a room and everyone stops what they're doing? Well, this happens a lot if you're a PW. Of course, it doesn't happen with my friends or people who really know me, but it does happen in certain situations both church and non-church related. I witnessed this as a PK, so I knew what was going on when I became a PW.

8. Pedestal Thinking: On another note, there are some people that feel PW's are infallible and perfect, and they put them on this pedestal of super-stardom. When they see me, it's like I am a superstar. It always makes me laugh a little because I don't look at myself like this at all! I do appreciate their intentions and kind actions toward me...I just hope they discover that I am not super woman.