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Monday, January 5, 2009

Weekend Highlights

1. Let's start with Sunday. I took Sunday off so that I could visit churches around the Oklahoma City metro area. I wanted to see what God was doing across our city.

2. There are 10 or so churches that I want to visit, but of course, that's not possible on one Sunday.

3. I headed to Norman and went to Journey Church. I caught the second part of their 8:30AM service and the first part of their 9:45AM service. Clark Mitchell is the Senior Pastor. Clark is a good friend of mine. I'm actually eating lunch with Clark on Wednesday. Clark's message challenged me. He talked about encountering God. I want to constantly encounter God.

4. Next, I headed to Victory Church's 10:30AM. Victory is located in Warr Acres. Mark Crow is the Senior Pastor. Mark took the Sunday off, so he didn't preach. I actually didn't get to hear much of the preaching because I had to head to the next church I wanted to visit. I really enjoyed my time at Victory. The worship was great.

5. I left Victory around 11:10AM and headed to North Church. North is located on Memorial Rd in Oklahoma City/Edmond. Rodney Fouts is the Senior Pastor. Rodney's message was very good. He talked about how we as Christ-followers should go share the GOOD news and how it's all about GOD's GREATNESS.

6. These were my take-aways from the three churches: God is doing some great things around OKC. Vision is key for a church. Worship is an important element. Facilities are an important tool. Kids and youth ministry really matter. Lobby space is key for people to meet new friends (we don't have any now, but we will in a few months)! People come to church late at everybody's church and not just at People's Church! :)

7. My last take-away is that I wouldn't want to be a church-hopper! I'll never understand why people spend a year finding a church home. I could get plugged in and committed to any of these churches and make a difference for God's Kingdom. After all, it's not about us; it's about God and advancing His Kingdom.

8. The funniest moment about my trip - I sat across the aisle from a lady who used to attend People's Church. I think she was a little uncomfortable. I called her by name and shook her hand. I don't think she expected to sit next to her former pastor. :)

9. After not speaking at PC for the past two weeks, I am ready to preach. I have a message burning on my heart titled I Have A Dream.

10. I am really ready to be back at PC ON SUNDAY! I miss my church family!

11. Chris Smith, our Student Ministries Director, preached yesterday. Chris is a very good communicator, and I can't wait to listen to his message online.

12. We put away all the Christmas decorations this weekend. I put everything in the attic yesterday.

13. I dropped by our new facility on Friday. It is coming together very quickly. I can't believe we will be moving into our second phase in the early spring!

14. I have the final total of the CRAZY Challenge giving. Did we get the $40,000 matching gift? Did we make our goal of giving $100,000 over and above the Lord's tithe in December? The answer is............WAIT UNTIL SUNDAY, AND I WILL ANNOUNCE IT!

15. Hold on PC, we are going on a WILD RIDE IN 2009! THE BEST IS YET TO COME!