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Monday, January 26, 2009

Weekend Highlights

1. On Friday, my family went on a family date together. The kids absolutely look forward to and love their family dates with dad and mom.

2. On Saturday, we laid low around the house. I did some studying for Sunday's message and played with the kids, and my wife made an early Spaghetti dinner.

3. I started to feel better on Saturday and was 95 percent better by Sunday morning. I hate having a cold.

4. We had another off-the-charts Sunday at People's Church.

5. Attendance was great! The excitement and hunger for God was great. Worship was great.

6. The message was thought-provoking and was a very challenging message. I pray everybody puts the message into practice.

7. There were 63 people who made a decision for Christ. WOW! That is an off-the-chart number of salvations! GO, GOD!

8. I can taste the momentum. God's hand is upon our church. God is positioning PC for some phenomenal things in 2009.

9. Thanks again to those of you who have committed to attending the 8:45AM experience until we move into our new facility. You are awesome! Once again, I want to pack out the 8:45AM experience. Let's do it!

10. I want to say a BIG thank you to all of our volunteers. You all are incredible! You are impacting many lives.

11. Thank you, PC, for your faithfulness to give to the CRAZY Campaign over and above the Lord's tithe. Because of your faithfulness, many more lives are going to be changed by the power of Christ.

12. It's weird coming home after church and not watching football. I love watching football on Sunday afternoons. Next Sunday will be the last Sunday to watch NFL football. Next Sunday is Super bowl Sunday. After next Sunday, I will have a 7 month break before I start my junkie habit again!

13. PC IS ALL ABOUT LIFE CHANGE! Jesus changes lives!

14. Have a great attitude on this last Monday of January 2009!