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Friday, January 16, 2009

Friday's Download

1. I want to say a huge thank you for opening up seats in the 10AM and the 11:15AM experiences. Some of you moved to the 8:45AM experience, and many of you moved to the 12:30PM experience.

2. I need your help again. We had a record non-Easter attendance this past Sunday! On Sunday, the 11:15AM experience was around 85 percent full, and the 12:30PM experience was around 90 to 95 percent full. In the 12:30PM experience, some families didn't get to sit together. THAT'S NOT GOOD! For the next 2 1/2 to 3 months, I need as many of you as possible to worship at the 8:45AM experience. Let's make room for those who are desperately seeking a relationship with Christ. I would love for the 8:45AM to be 90 percent full for the next few months. Let's DO IT, PC!

3. Our prayer and fasting week at PC has been powerful. I know that God has been doing a work in my life.

4. We are looking to make several hires at PC. For more information, go to www.peopleschurch.tv, click on “about us” and then click on “Career Opportunities”. If the positions haven't been posted, they should be posted on the site by the end of the day.

5. This Sunday, I'm kicking off a new series called Destinations. I got this idea and theme from Andy Stanley. This series is going to transform many lives. INVITE YOUR FRIENDS AND FAMILY! BRING them to church.

6. Today, I'm going to relax around the house with my family.

7. I'm very glad that Sam Bradford, the Oklahoma Sooners’ quarterback, is coming back for another season.

8. The OKC Thunder basketball team won again the other night. They won their first game against a team with a winning record. GO, THUNDER!

9. Church family, I need you to attend the 8:45AM experience!

10. God is going to do some special things on Sunday! SEE YOU THERE!