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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Tuesday Thoughts

1. Is gluttony a sin during the holidays? Ok, I know it is. I will ask the Lord for forgiveness and do better

2. We are driving home this morning. I miss sleeping in my own bed.

3. We went to Tiffany's sister’s home last night for dinner. We had a feast.

4. The kids didn't go to bed until almost 11PM last night. I hope they are not too cranky on the drive home.

5. Hopefully the kids are so tired they sleep most of the trip.

6. Tiffany is really tired so she will probably sleep most of the trip. She usually sleeps anyway.

7. I will use the 6 1/2 hour drive to pray, think, brainstorm, listen to preaching and worship music. It will be a profitable time.

8. The real challenge this morning is getting all the Christmas presents in the vehicle. The grandparents spoil our kids.

9. My next blog post will be on Monday, January 5.

10. Happy New Year everybody!