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Monday, December 8, 2008

Weekend Highlights

1. My Sooners smashed the Missouri Tigers. They are the Big 12 champs! Boomer Sooner!

2. The Oklahoma Sooners are playing in the National Championship game against the Florida Gators on January 8, 2009. This ought to be a great game.

3. My voice really struggled yesterday. I haven't struggled that bad in a while. Maybe it's because I haven't spoke in two weeks. One person told me that there was something in the air. I'm not sure what the deal was, but I thought I was going to lose my voice.

4. I made a huge announcement to our church yesterday. I will tell you what it was before the end of this post.

5. The December CRAZY Challenge is in full affect. During the month of December, our church has set a goal to give $100,000, over and above the Lord's tithe, to the CRAZY Building Campaign. We will be moving into our new 44,000 square foot addition very soon.

6. Tiffany and I are really excited about giving sacrificially to the CRAZY Campaign during the CRAZY Challenge. We count it a joy to give to the Lord's work.

7. There were many people that gave their hearts to Christ yesterday.

8. I preached about Jesus being the Prince of Peace. I know God did a great work in the hearts of people.

9. I only had one playoff game yesterday, and I won it. I had a bye in 4 of my leagues. In my last league, this was the final week of the regular season, and I won the game. I have 6 playoff games next week.

10. On Friday night, my family went to a drive-thru outdoor play at a Boys’ Ranch. The kids loved seeing the animals.

11. Here comes the BIG NEWS! One of our CRAZY church attenders, who is CRAZY about the vision of People's Church, has set up a $40,000 matching fund. For every dollar our church people give in the month of December, this CRAZY attendee will match it dollar for dollar up to $40,000. As soon as our church gives $40,000, it will become $80,000! Can you shout AWESOME!

12. Blogging family, please pray for this CRAZY Challenge. I know God is going to do some incredible miracles during the month of December. God is so good!

13. Friday, December 12, is our CRAZY Volunteer Banquet. All People's Church volunteers, don't miss this night of celebration as we honor you for your faithfulness to serve. We will be eating a free Johnny Carino's meal and having a blast. For more details, check the home page of our website http://www.peopleschurch.tv/. To RSVP, email erin@peopleschurch.tv RIGHT NOW!

14. Teenagers, don't miss our Wednesday night youth experience at People's Church. The series is called 'Tis The Season. It's going to rock your world!