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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Above Or Below pt. 2

It's much easier to hire below a person. When a person is growing, thriving and adding value to the church’s vision, it's easy to walk into their office and say, “You need more people to lead.” It's easy to tell someone that they need more responsibility because their leadership is adding so much value to the church.

It's much more difficult to walk into somebody's office and tell them that they add more value being a doer rather than a leader. It's difficult to tell someone that the church has out grown their leadership. It's difficult to tell somebody that in their current role they are bringing you more problems than solutions. It's difficult to tell somebody that you have to hire over them so that the church can continue to reach more people for Christ.

Many churches never do all God wants them to do because some pastors aren't willing to make the difficult decisions. Many pastors will make excuses rather than make the difficult call so that the church will continue to be effective at accomplishing its vision. Pastor, a question that I ask myself and I encourage you to ask yourself is, "Am I hindering the church from reaching more people for Christ because I'm not willing to make the difficult decisions?"

Tomorrow, I want to share some things that I'm learning about how to make the difficult decisions in a God honoring way.