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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Herbert Is Really Shy

Okay, that is not an accurate statement, but yesterday, I took a personality test. Some of our staff and board members were surprised by the results. The test revealed that I am equally both an extravert and an introvert. Though the text says I am equally both, I am more of an introvert. As I stated earlier, some people were surprised that I am an introvert because I do have an outgoing personality. What many people don't know about me is though I deeply love, care about and am very good with people, I am not energized by them. I am energized by being alone, being with my family and being around very close friends. If I had to choose between being with a group of people or being by myself, I would choose being by myself. If I had to choose between getting to know a stranger or keeping to myself, I would choose keeping to myself. I guess you can say that I'm weird because I am an introvert with an outgoing personality.