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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Above Or Below

When you are leading staff and volunteers, you either have to put people above them or below them. I'm going to address this subject this week from the perspective of leading a full time staff member, but this can easily apply to leading a volunteer.

Because we are going into a new season of ministry, momentum and growth at PC, I communicate frequently to my staff that I will hire either above them or below them. If a staff member is able to lead well at the next level and is able to help take us to another level, I will hire below them. If the growth of the church out grows their growth as a leader, I will hire above them. If I hire above them, that means they will no longer be in their current position of leadership. There will be another leader leading them. How do we successfully make these necessary transitions so that the local church can thrive and more lives can be changed?

More tomorrow