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Monday, February 9, 2009

Weekend Highlights

1. Wow, we are having a blast on Sundays!

2. I told the church that I have a feelin' that everything is going to be alright! Can I get a witness?

3. God is in control! Trust God! Lean on God! Depend on God!

4. Our attendance is incredible in a 17,500 square foot building! I had a pastor come visit our church a few weeks ago. He came during the week. When I told him what our attendance was, he said, "In this building?"

5. We are using every square inch of this building. The good news is we are 2 months away from moving into an additional 44,000 square foot addition.

6. Our people don't care that we are packed. They keep inviting their friends and family to church. We had 55 salvations on Sunday. I am blown away by how God is changing lives!

7. There was a person in our church who was going to make a stupid decision about a relationship but heard a message on a Sunday and decided not to follow through. GO, GOD! Thank you for changing lives!

8. The Worship Team is doing a great job.

9. Our Video Team is putting together great videos every week. I love the CRAZY Generations promo video.

10. There was an incredible presence of God in some of the experiences yesterday. I mean it was thick!

11. Parents, get your teenager to the youth experience on Wednesday night. Our student ministries is in a relationship series called Love Lockdown. Your teenager is in a crucial season in their life. They need to hear what God's Word has to say about relationships. If I were you, I would do whatever I had to do to get my teenager there!

12. My wife and kids were sick all weekend. Please pray for my family.

13. I showed a picture in church of Tiffany and me when we were dating.

14. If you were wondering, I got permission from Tiffany to share the story of how we met. People laughed when they heard the story of how Tiffany and I met.

15. I told the church how God grabbed a hold of my heart my senior year in high school at a Fellowship of Christian Athletes meeting. They were serving free pizza. So, I went, and God rocked my world!

16. I am so pumped about what God is doing at PC! THE BEST IS YET TO COME!

17. Make it a great Monday!