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Friday, February 13, 2009

Friday's Download

1. It's Valentine’s weekend. I'm not big into some of these holidays. They are all geared to take your money. With that said, I do have something special planned for my beautiful bride.

2. A mega-church pastor friend of mine is looking to hire an Executive Pastor. This person would be the number two guy in the church. They need to be a stronger leader, team player, have great integrity and possess organizational skills. If you know of someone, please email my assistant at leiha@peopleschurch.tv.

3. A friend of mine told me about the TV show 24. Tiffany and I have never watched the show. This week we decided to rent most of the first season, and we are hooked! It's a great show!

4. Cale has a Valentine's Day party at school today. He has been talking about it all week.

5. I went to a pastors’ luncheon yesterday. It's always good to fellowship with other Senior Pastors.

6. All of my kids are getting better, but Case, my little baby, is still fighting his chest cold. Thanks for praying for God to heal my little man!

7. My wife is such a great mother. I am amazed at how graceful she makes staying home with four kiddos look. Her job is way more difficult than mine. Thank you, Tiffany, for using all of your talents to invest in our kids.

8. This Sunday, we are wrapping up our series Destinations. Invite somebody to church!

9. If you are new to People's Church, I want to invite you to a CRAZY Vision Luncheon this Sunday at 1:45PM (immediately following the 4th experience). This luncheon is for people who have started attending PC between March 2008 and the present. We will eat a great meal together, and I will be sharing the vision of PC and details about our new facility. The staff and I will be available to answer any questions that you may have about the vision and new facility. DON'T YOU DARE MISS THIS EXCITING EVENT!

10. PC, let's pack out the 8:45AM experience!

11. See you Sunday!