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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Structure In The Church

I am a big believer in having structure in the church. Just because our staff works for a church, doesn't mean that there shouldn't be structure. In the business world, there is structure, and I believe the local church should be ran more efficiently than the business world. What the local church does affects people for all of eternity. Here are some examples of structure:

1. Employees have personal & sick leave days. You can't miss work whenever you want.

2. Employees have offices hours. Office hours for some employees don't mean they have to be at the church, but they do know the time frames they should be working on ministry and not at home watching movies with their family. We ought to be accountable for our time.

3. Every ministry in our church operates from a system and not by shooting from the hip. We have a weekend system, follow-up system, kids system, youth system, care system, wedding & funeral system, media system, hiring system, etc. Everything we do at PC is from a system. We are in the most important business in the world, and that's seeing lives changed, so we can't afford to fly by the seat of our pants.

4. We have a policy handbook for all employees. Every employee knows what is expected of them. When we hire an employee, we take them through the policies.