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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Working In Ministry Versus On Ministry

During this hectic season in our church, I've been working in the ministry more than on the ministry. I prefer and even function better when I'm working on the ministry. When I work on the ministry, besides praying, studying and teaching, I lead the Executive Team, dream, cast vision and let those around me implement the vision.

Because one of my top leaders at People's Church is overseeing the construction of our new facility, I've removed a big portion of leading the staff off his plate. He is actually the general contractor for our 44,000 square foot addition. It is saving us around 1 million dollars, so it's a positive thing. Until we move into our new facility, I have picked back up the daily and weekly duties of leading our staff. Since taking over the staff, I have restructured certain areas of our church so that we can be ready for growth when we move into the building. I have been pushing our directors to step up to another level and teaching some of our team to lead leaders, to empower volunteers and to not be doers. I have been identifying weak areas, people and systems and have been figuring out the changes that need to be made. I have been in numerous interviews. I have switched a staff member’s portfolio. I have been thinking about other staff hires and transitions that need to be made. I have been implementing the vision and not just casting the vision. This is definitely a season that I'm working in the ministry more than on the ministry.