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Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Who Are You Inviting?

Statistics say that most people will go to church, especially on Easter weekend, if someone would ask them to. Have you asked anybody to join you for our 5 identical Easter weekend services? You should be asking EVERYBODY you know to come with you on Easter to experience the love of Christ. If you haven't asked anybody to come with you to church, my question to you is why? What's the hold up? What's the delay? What are you waiting for?

Common Reasons People Don't Invite Others To Church:

1. Fear of rejection: I would invite the people I know to come to church, but what if they tell me no? You're asking yourself the wrong question. The right question is, "What if they tell me yes? What if they come and their life is changed forever by the power of Christ? Quit thinking negatively and start thinking positively! If you just ask, you'll be very surprised to find out that you will get a lot more yeses than nos, so go for it!

2. Hypocrite: I would invite the people I know to come to church with me, but they know I don't live what I believe. If I talk about church, people will look at me like I'm crazy because my life is not all together. Let me remind you of something, THIS ISN'T ABOUT YOU! It's about Christ. It's about inviting people to experience Christ. So what, God is still working on you. Don't let that stop you from inviting people to experience the grace and mercy of our heavenly Father!

3. Shy: I would invite people to come to church with me, but I'm too shy. Listen, this isn't about standing on street corners with a megaphone and inviting people to church. You need to be inviting people you have relationship with, not total strangers on the street corner. Invite people you talk to about life, sports, American Idol, your career and relationships, change the subject and bring up what God has done in your life and how church is really helping you. Just tell them, "You have to come with me this weekend to church because my church is awesome." Invite people you already have relationship with!

4. I Don't Care: I would invite the people I know to come to church with me, but I don't really care if they spend eternity separated from God. Come on, don't you care that your family, friends, co-workers, students or neighbors don't know Christ? Don't you care that they're lost without God? Don't you care about their eternal destination? I'm praying right now that God would touch your heart and give you compassion for people like never before.

Our staff is praying like crazy for this weekend. We are also working like crazy on this weekend's services. They are going to be PHENOMENAL! PEOPLE'S CHURCH, START INVITING EVERYBODY YOU KNOW, AND YOU DON'T DARE MISS IT FOR ANYTHING!