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Thursday, June 7, 2007

Why I'm Excited About The Future

1. I'm excited to watch my kids grow up. I love watching the different stages of their development. I can't wait to go to their ball games and classrooms. I can't wait to take them on a trip and all of them can actually remember it. I can't wait to share awesome vacations together.

2. I'm excited to grow old with my wife. I see elderly couples, and it makes me excited about growing old with the love of my life and best friend, Tiffany. It may sound kind of cheesy, but I think it will be cool to be old and gray and have Tiffany right by my side. I can't wait to celebrate our 50th anniversary.

3. My marriage has always been very good and strong, but it has gotten better and sweeter as each year has gone by. I'm truly more in love with Tiffany today than I was when we first got married. Because our marriage gets better and better each year, I can't wait to see what the future holds.

4. I'm excited about my future friendships. I have two guys on staff with me that I feel like will be incredible life-long friends. I'm excited to do life with these guys. It's hard for us now because all of our wives are having babies like crazy, but I'm excited to develop a deeper friendship with these guys. I'm excited to vacation together, cook out together and just chill out together. I need friendships.