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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Father's Day

Becoming a father over 3 1/2 years ago has changed my life. Here are some ways that fatherhood has changed me.

1. It’s revealed emotions and feelings that I didn't know were inside of me. I love my wife more than any other human being on the planet, but there is a different kind of love and feelings that I have for my three kids.

2. Fatherhood has made me more patient. Patience is one of the fruits of the spirit that I continually need to grow in. Guess what, 3 kids (at one point all in diapers) has made me more patient. There is no such thing as lets get up and go somewhere at the drop of a hat. God is using my kids to make me more spiritual :).

3. Coming home after work has a whole new meaning. Having kids meet me at the door EVERYDAY is an incredible feeling. I love the sound of "DADDY, DADDY, DADDY!!!!!!!!!"

4. It’s helped me relax more. My kids love for me to read books to them. They love for me to play with them on the floor. They love for me to take them outside and play. They love for me to watch cartoons with them. All these things and more have made me chill out and relax! That's a good thing!

5. Fatherhood has made me more laser-focused on my life goals and priorities. I'm a Christ follower first, a husband second, a father third and a pastor forth. In that order! I'm going to be a father to my kids. My kids will know that they come before ministry. I will be very involved in my kid’s activities. I'm going to develop and pour into my kids spiritually. I'm going to have a blast loving and building a very close relationship with my kids. I'M COMMITTED TO MY FAMILY! I'M LASER-FOCUSED ON WHAT GOD HAS CALLED ME TO DO AND NOT TO DO!