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Thursday, June 14, 2007

Tiffany's Thoughts: Fatherhood Has Never Looked So Good!

In December of 2003 Herbert and I welcomed our first born child into the world! Now, three and a half years later, we have three precious kids and fatherhood has never looked so good. I could brag on him all day...here are the top 5 reasons I love who he is as a dad.

1. He's committed to growing in Christ. Our kids are learning who God is by watching their daddy and seeing his passion to live for Christ. Everyday I see them want to know who God is and learn more about him. Herbert is consistent in sharing who God is with them through discussion, stories, and prayer time.

2. He's committed to loving me. There's never been a day that I didn't know I was the love of his life. Our kids know that daddy loves mommy and they are learning how to love by watching him as he loves me. This brings them great security.

3. He's committed to loving each child like crazy. Herbert shows love all day long through the words he speaks and the attention he gives. He's the first to give hugs and the first to ask for cuddle time. Our kids have already started to reciprocate this love back to us. They are extremely loving and capable of expressing their feelings at a young age.

4. He's committed to Quality and Quantity Time. Herbert is highly driven and capable of being a workaholic. Because he knows his tendencies, he is committed to family time. I love him for saying NO to a lot in order to say YES to family! He's so committed to family time, he schedules it on his calendar and nothing takes its place. Our kids spend quality and quantity time with their dad and it shows in their strong bond with him.

5. He's committed to Family before Ministry. The kids and I know that we are the priority over the church and ministry. We have never doubted this fact. He often tells the kids that they are more important than ministry but, it is made clear by his actions. Family time is not pushed aside for ministry, expectations are not placed on them because of being PK's, and people's wants are not placed above our family needs.

Each day I see our two sons emulating Herbert. They want to preach like daddy and work on their sermons. At their young age, they are hungry to follow Christ and eager to know him as they ask questions about where God is and what he's doing. Our oldest wants to get married and have five kids...he's only three so this could change. When they play, they mimic daddy by taking their kids to the park after work. It makes me
ecstatic to know that my two sons will love their future wives and families to the degree that it was modeled for them. Our daughter is only 9 months and already lights up when she sees Herbert walk in the room. I am confident that as she grows she will know what it is to be loved by a incredible man that she calls daddy. She will not be content to experience love any less than her daddies as she marries one day. This makes me proud.

Fathers, I encourage you to make tough decisions that will impact your family for greatness. It is never to late to change what is lacking. Put your wife and kids before work/ministry. As you know, you will never get everything done and you will never please everyone...but you should do ALL you can to please your family. If you lose the job/ministry tomorrow, will you have your family or will they have been lost as well?

Love God! Love you wife extravagantly! Love you kids like crazy! Spend Time with your Family! Put your Family before your Job/Ministry! This will bring you the greatest joy...this is LIFE AT ITS BEST!!!