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Monday, November 30, 2009

Thanksgiving Week Highlights

1. I took last week off and had a blast with my family!

2. We went to IHOP and Jimmy's Egg in the same week. I really like breakfast!

3. Cale, my oldest son, said IHOP's pancakes are better than Jimmy's Egg's. I would have to agree, but Jimmy's Egg's biscuits and gravy and hash browns are better than IHOP.

4. My dad and his family came to our home for Thanksgiving. We had a good time eating and watching football.

5. My wife and I saw the movie Blind Side. It was a great movie. I started to cry two times. You have to go see this movie!

6. I was surprised that my Oklahoma Sooners smashed Oklahoma State. It was a long season for my Sooners, but I'm glad we got the win.

7. The Dallas Cowboys looked a lot better on Thursday, but it was just the Oakland Raiders. So I'm not that impressed.

8. My good friend, Lynn Wheeler, preached at People's Church on Sunday. Pastors, I would encourage you to have Lynn at your church. He is one of the best evangelists on the field. He is easy to work with and has a heart for God and the local church. www.lynnwheelerministries.com

9. We kicked off Revolution Christmas on Sunday. The stage set is incredible. I heard The Beatles' song All You Need Is Love was awesome.

10. Don't you dare miss this Sunday. There will be a Nutcracker drum performance, a 12-piece orchestra performance and snow, and I will be teaching a message titled All The Lonely People!

11. Start inviting everybody you know to church to experience the love of God.

12. I went to the Oklahoma City Thunder game last night with Lynn Wheeler. The Rockets killed us on the boards, and we lost the game.

13. It goes without saying, but I ate too much food this past week.

14. On Wednesday, I took my two oldest boys with me for some daddy time. We made six different stops, and they loved spending hours with their daddy, and their daddy enjoyed it more than they did!

15. On Friday, I took Caris, my little 3 year-old daughter, on a date. We went to Starbucks and then to Wal-Mart. My little princess loves going on a date with her daddy, and of course, her daddy loves it more than she does. My kids are precious!

16. I'm ready to hit the ground running. I have a lot to get accomplished this week. It's ON!