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Monday, November 23, 2009

Weekend Highlights

1. It was another great weekend with my family.

2. We hung around the house a lot.

3. I'm a very boring person. My favorite thing to do is hang around the house with my family. Good times and lots of noise with 4 little kids.

4. My Oklahoma Sooners football and basketball teams got blown out on Saturday. What is up with my Sooners?

5. Tony Romo and the Dallas Cowboys don't look good at all.

6. People's Church was rockin' again on Sunday.

7. Many people gave their lives to Christ.

8. I got to meet a mom and her son in the hallway in between experiences, and her son had just given his heart to Christ! The mom and her son were very excited. The mom was almost in tears. I was very moved to see God's grace at work.

9. God did an incredible work during the Green Peace series. People are putting God first, getting out of debt, living within their means and finding financial peace. People are kicking greed, envy and the monster of more in the teeth!

10. Pay God first, pay yourself second and pay your bills third. This is a recipe for financial peace!

11. When you put God first in an area of your life, He blesses it.

12. Don't go into debt during this Christmas season. If you can't pay cash for it, don't buy it.

13. Revolution Christmas begins this Sunday. This is going to be an incredible series. Every weekend there is awesome stuff: Beatles music, a light show, a special choir, a 12-piece orchestra, a Nutcracker drum performance, snow in the building and much, much more. Get ready for some unforgettable experiences.

14. Many people are open to coming to church during the Christmas season, so get busy inviting everybody you know.

15. I'm very excited to see many people come to know Christ through the Revolution Christmas series.

16. The Green Peace Workshop is Wednesday, December 9 and December 16, at 7PM at People's Church. This workshop is absolutely free, and it will help you establish a budget, get out of debt and find financial peace.

17. I'm so excited for Thanksgiving at the Cooper house!