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Tuesday, November 3, 2009


It's not a lot of fun, but today we're doing calendar planning at church for 2010 as we try and get the important things on the calendar first. Important things like outreach events, all church events, Kingdom Builders, church picnic, additional services, Christmas Eve services, global trips, camps, conventions, leadership training etc. All of that has to be balanced with the school calendar, and other cultural events that dominate life in the United States! (See why I said it's not exactly a lot of fun!)

The hardest thing to do is keep the calendar from loading up and overwhelming the staff and the congregation and making the Kingdom of God the priority it needs to be. We have to keep reminding ourselves that our DNA is to have weekend services, small groups and global projects and not get distracted from that vision. It's a real challenge and there are a lot of things that won't make the cut, but its all part of the strategy for the future.

Thanks www.robketterling.com for this post. Rob pastors a great church in Minneapolis. Our team is currently planning our calendar, so this post struck a chord with me.