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Monday, November 9, 2009

Weekend Highlights

1. Some of my family had an early Thanksgiving meal on Saturday because one of our family members will be gone for Thanksgiving. Man, did I eat. I sinned! I was a glutton. Lord, forgive me. I did do 25 minutes of cardio and only ate a pear for lunch before I ate that good food.

2. I ate the best dressing and gravy. I mean it was the best I've ever eaten. I mean it would make you slap somebody it was so good. Man, did I eat good!

3. Enough about food! We had a great Sunday at PC!

4. We had tons of people give their lives to Christ. Thank you, God!

5. We had a bigger attendance this Sunday than we did on “fall back” Sunday.

6. People are finding financial peace through this series Green Peace.

7. I really enjoy teaching our people what the Bible says about getting financial peace. How we handle money is such a heart issue.

8. We are kicking greed in its teeth! We are going to praise God for what He has blessed us with!

9. What you live for is so much more important than what you live on.

10. My Oklahoma Sooners are making me mad. I can't believe we lost to Nebraska. Oh, well!

11. My Dallas Cowboys got it done against the Eagles!

12. We are having a special Christmas choir the second Sunday of December. Everyone at PC who is interested in singing, be sure to be at practice on Tuesday night. Our Christmas series is going to be super awesome. It's going to be a Christmas to remember at PC!

13. My wife's dad made a quick visit to our home on Friday night. He was headed to a Cowboy Church Conference in the Dallas area and spent the night with us. I love the fact that my wife's parents are sold out to God.