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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Thursday's Download

1. Where in the world is the time going? The year is almost over!

2. I love seeing all of the Christmas decorations coming out everywhere.

3. Week 3 of Green Peace is Sunday. People are finding financial peace during these difficult days.

4. I am teaching a message on Sunday titled Dumping Debt. I'm very excited to teach this message.

5. I went 4-2 in my fantasy football leagues this past week. I have a winning record in 4 leagues, and I'm 4-5 in two leagues.

6. My staff and I have been interviewing a bunch of people. With the growth that God has blessed us with, there are several key staff positions that we need to add. These are exciting and very busy days.

7. I am very grateful to all of the volunteers at People's Church. You folks provide such great ministry to so many people every week. Thank you for all you do.

8. If I don't connect with a person, I don't hire them. There is something about divine chemistry.

9. Cale's flag football team won the championship. All of the kids got their own trophies. Cale was super excited!

10. Revolution Christmas is going to be awesome. PC, get ready for some unforgettable experiences during the Christmas series. It all begins the Sunday after Thanksgiving!

11. I'm going to have a laid back weekend with my family.

12. Invite a friend, and I'll see you on Sunday!