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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

What's On My Mind

1. We have had almost 150 first-time families over the last two weeks. We are figuring out how to get as many people as possible plugged into the life of the church. We are beginning a new class on August 23 called Next. It will be a 30 minute class immediately following the 2nd experience to help all of our new people learn more about the vision of People's Church and get them plugged into PC.

2. I'm excited about our new series kicking off this Sunday called He Said What!?

3. I spoke last night to the teenagers of PC at their youth retreat. They were hungry for God! Those teenagers are fired up, and our youth ministry is getting ready to explode!

4. We are launching a Junior High youth experience on Sunday mornings during the 10:30 AM experience beginning August 16. We are getting Wii's, air hockey tables, bistro tables & chairs, couches and other fun stuff for our youth ministry. There is nothing like investing in the next generation! Junior High students, get ready to encounter God on Sunday mornings!

5. I have some cool speaking opportunities coming up in the near future. I'm getting excited to preach God's Word at these different venues.

6. We had a great creative meeting yesterday. God has blessed PC with some really sharp and creative people. They gave me some great ideas for our upcoming series!

7. We have been working out the details of the CRAZY Halftime Celebration coming up at the end of August. We are only halfway there, and we have to finish well what we've started well! It's going to be a great second half!

8. We are going to do a very cool series at Christmas time. Our people will love it and so will the community!