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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The Art Of Delegating pt. 2

5. Failure is a part of the delegating and training process. It's important to understand that there is a big difference between failing because someone is learning something new or starting something new and failing because someone is being incompetent. You need to have patience when a person is learning or starting something new. You need to be firm and impatient when a person is being incompetent. Novice leaders can confuse their incompetence in an area with I'm failing because.............(you fill in the blank). You need to point out the difference between failure and being incompetent.

6. You have to inspect what you expect. You can't delegate to a novice or new leader and expect to see high level results without inspecting. How will the person ever understand what your expectations are if you don't inspect what you delegated? This is a common mistake. You have to inspect what you expect.

7. You shouldn't have to continue for months to inspect what you expect. If you have to do this, the person is incompetent, and you need to take another course of action.

8. Set the person up for success by training and investing in them up front. Some people are set up for failure because they have not been trained, invested in and given the proper resources to be a success.

9. When the person is trained and is meeting expectations, turn them loose to fly. Don't be a micro-manager. A good leader wants to lead, so let them lead.