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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Thursday's Download

1. Tiffany's grandparents flew back to Minnesota yesterday. We really enjoyed them, and I learned a lot from them. I think I will do a blog post about it next week.

2. Last week, I turned over the staff to Josh and Brian. Brian has been running his team, but during the building project, I ran the rest of the staff so that Josh could be the general contractor and superintendent over our new building.

3. I'm just leading the Executive Team, which consists of Josh, our Director of Operations, and Brian, our Programming Director. Josh oversees all of the staff who don’t have anything to do with what happens inside the auditorium during Sunday experiences, except for Ushers. He also oversees the operations and facilities. Brian oversees all of the staff who make Sunday experiences happen. He also oversees every aspect of the Sunday experiences and all of the marketing (website, billboards, TV spots, mail outs, design, etc.).

4. I'm focusing on leading the vision and direction of PC, teaching and raising up leaders.

5. This Sunday I'm teaching a message titled The Road To Worry. I think this message is going to minister to a lot of people.

6. I'm ready for football season!

7. I'm really ready for fantasy football.

8. I'm so excited about the future of People's Church. We are moving forward!