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Thursday, July 9, 2009

Thursday's Download

1. I'm glad to be back in the saddle at People's Church.

2. I'm ready to teach this Sunday at People's Church. I'm kicking off a new series called The Road. I think I'm going to title Sunday's talk The Road To Burnout! You don't want to miss this message.

3. My two executives, Josh and Brian, are on vacation this week. Josh will be back for Sunday, and Brian is off on Sunday.

4. The new building is looking great EXCEPT my office. My office has flooded twice! Flooded may be a little strong of a word, but somehow water is getting in and getting some of my carpet wet. This happened again yesterday! I had to move the furniture, and now my office is in shambles. Out of all the offices we have, it had to be my office. Bummer!

5. Tiffany's grandparents from Minnesota are flying to Oklahoma City next week for our Grand Opening Celebration. It will be great to see Bill and Donna. Tiffany has a rich Christian heritage.

6. I'm really excited for our Grand Opening Celebration on July 19! Folks, invite, invite, invite! Everybody who attends PC, bring somebody with you. Bring a bunch of somebodies with you. By the way, we are planning on having Exodus, the rap group, perform during Grand Opening!

7. After being away from my home off and on for the past two weeks, it's nice to be back in my normal routine.

8. I love my routines. I'm a routine person, and I like it that way.

9. I appreciate my good friend Tommy Sparger. He is doing a great job leading www.northpointnow.org!

10. One of the guys that I went to college with pastors a fast-growing church plant in Texas. He and his wife are flying to Oklahoma City this weekend to check out People's Church. I love church planters!

11. On Friday, I'm going to chill out big time with my family! I love them to pieces!

12. I'm trying to wrap up Sunday's message this morning, so that I can head to a pastors' meeting. I hope the meeting is good.

13. Church family, see you on Sunday!