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Monday, July 13, 2009

Weekend Highlights

1. The family and I made two trips together to Sonic for some slushes. Blue coconut slush baby!!

2. It's been hot, hot, hot outside. The high yesterday was somewhere between 105 and 108!

3. It was great to be back at People's Church on Sunday!

4. I thought all the experiences went really well! God is changing lives!

5. We were over 30 percent bigger than the same Sunday last year.

6. Gene and his wife Katy, church planters in Texas who started a church 18 months ago and are running 400 people, came to check out People's Church yesterday. Gene and I went to college together. After they checked out all three experiences, we went to eat at The Cheesecake Factory.

7. I really like the stage set design for The Road series. I like the fact that we can put cars and all types of heavy stuff on our huge concrete platform.

8. I'm super excited about the biggest day ever at People's Church this coming up Sunday. It's the Grand Opening Celebration! Going to be an off-the-chart Sunday!