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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

More Things On My Mind

9. I'm super excited about our September series called Wicked! That's right, Wicked! It's going to be the hottest series of the year!

10. We are planning some incredible surprises for the Wicked series. I hope it all comes together because it will blow you away! This is going to be a great series to invite your un-churched friends to! Well, every series we do is a great series to invite your un-churched friends to, but this one will be especially good!

11. I think we are going to declare September an evangelistic outreach month for PC! I'm praying about this and the details of it. This will be the biggest push ever to reach those who are far from God! I have a fire shut up in my bones!

12. Refocusing our staff on developing leaders. The building project was all consuming, and we got off-track on reproducing leaders. We have been delegating tasks instead of producing leaders. We are working hard at creating a culture of leadership.

13. The Wednesday Connection is going to help so many people grow closer to God and build relationships with their PC church family. Our staff and some key volunteers are helping us launch this event beginning August 19 at 7PM. It's an event that will be every week this fall. There will be lessons and fun for kids, there will be junior high small groups and there will be a worship experience for high school students.

14. I'm excited to see people get baptized on August 16! There's nothing like people going public for Jesus!