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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The Brutal Facts

When we attend a church for months and years, we can get used to what we see and hear. We can easily forget what a first-time guest is experiencing. We can get so used to what we are experiencing that the excellence level drops. We can let the same two or three people's opinions about the church influence the direction of the church or a ministry, based on the fact that they are screaming the loudest and that they are closest to us. Though these people may mean well, sometimes they are speaking from their own personal wants and desires and not for what's best for the overall direction of the church. As leaders, we have to be willing to get the brutal facts from the right people so that we can lead effectively. Let me share some thoughts about gathering the brutal facts.

1. Don't just get the facts from those who have been going to the church for years. Often times, people who have attended the church for years can get so comfortable with the church that they don't see the weaknesses.

2. Constantly ask first-time guests to give you honest feedback about their experiences at your church.

3. Ask a faithful churchgoer, who is inviting their friends to church, to give you feedback on what their friends are saying about their experiences at the church.

4. Ask people from totally different backgrounds, ages, races and perspectives what they like and dislike about the church.

5. Gathering the brutal facts is not always easy because you will probably hear things that shock you and make you very uncomfortable.

6. When you get the brutal facts, make the necessary changes so that your church can be more effective in reaching people and making disciples.